1. Gixxer 155cc :-

Here is India's first Street bike. Ready to change the rule of every game with its amagingly powerful 155cc engine, unmatched features and unique styling. What's more, you'd love it for its truly unbeatable racing heritage. So, why wait? Go play, your way.


          2.  Slingshot :-

      Suzuki – one of the most renowned two-wheeler manufacturers, brings a never-before riding experience with the new Suzuki Slingshot Plus. Engineered with Suzuki’s advanced technological expertise, its ride quality is so outstanding that once you experience it, the feeling will stay with you.
Slingshot + is a 125 CC bike with Futuristic Styling, Lightweight  alloy wheels giving you superior mileage with comfortable RIDE
Once Experienced, Always Loved….


          3. New Hayate :-

      Suzuki – one of the most renowned two-wheeler manufacturers, brings a good combination of Mileage, Style, and riding comfort and it is “Hayate”


          4. New Access :-

               Why Wish for Anything Else?
True to its name, Suzuki Access 125 gives you an access to everything. Be it power, Style or Mileage; you will have all your wishes fulfilled.
So while you enjoy your ride, why would you ever wish for anything else?
Suzuki Access is powered by a powerful 125cc engine giving you amazing mileage and pickup and Telescopic front suspension gives you comfortable ride with its Trendy styling.


             5. Lets:-




Suzuki Lets with SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) Technology which boasts top-class fuel efficiency without compromising on powerful performance. This new cutting-edge technology is achieved by reducing all kinds of mechanical losses, efficient design of every component and attention to detail in the manufacturing process. This helps achieve the best of both worlds – economy and performance.



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